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I’m an alternative wedding photographer based in the South of England. Although now living in leafy Surrey, a part of my heart will always belong to the city. I share my life with my other half and sweet little whippet Jimmy. A big fan of food, I spend a lot of my free time eating out, cooking and planning our next culinary excursion abroad. I’m drawn to nature and cities alike, and I’d love to follow you wherever you want to be married, be it the beautiful architecture of a London Town hall, or somewhere by the sea.

My photography style

The raw, honest moments full of real emotion are the core of any wedding, as well as the centre of my work. Which is why during our private shoot I won’t pose you but give you a bit of direction if you feel you need it. The way I work draws from your connection as a couple and I aim to fill each and every photo with your personalities, style and the gorgeous surroundings of your wedding venue.


During the rest of the day I’ll be capturing each moment as it unfolds, with each frame carefully selected to create an atmospheric narrative of your wedding day whilst keeping true to my values: honesty and authenticity. When I say it’s a real privilege to do what I do, I really mean it. I pour all my love and attention into each and every wedding, to craft the most beautiful photos for you to cherish forever.


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Alternative wedding photography

I have a soft spot for non-traditional, laid-back weddings full of style and personality. I firmly believe in making your own traditions and following your instinct when planning your wedding. You will have been told that your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye and I know it to be true. This is why photos are so important, to immortalise the magical, perfect moments (as well as the not-so-perfect), the genuine laughs and the overjoyed tears, and everything in between.

I'd love to create a beautiful story of your day – one with meaning, with fun, with emotion – one you’ll relive with your loved ones for years to come. I'd love to chat more about what you're planning, please do get in touch if you feel you've made a connection with my work.