Hey, I'm Elena

I’m an alternative wedding photographer based in the South of England. I share my life in the countryside with my other half Joe and sweet little couch potato pup Jimmy. You can often find me immersed in nature, I’m drawn to the coast and think big dramatic cliffs make for the most awesome shots. I love exploring new places, travelling across the country and around the world. From discovering the cultural beauty of Thailand to being completely awe-struck by the landscapes in the Lake District.

Alternative wedding photography

I believe in a simple way of living, filled with travel and freedom to make your own choices, to love who you love and do things your own way. I adore like-minded, hopelessly-in-love couples who don’t shy away from adventure – the lovers and dreamers who dare to ditch tradition and create their own unique story.

I’m a documentary-style wedding photographer with a knack for creating atmospheric shots of unposed lovers and their natural connection. You’re looking for someone to capture the super-magical, perfect moments (as well as the not-so-perfect), the genuine laughs and the overjoyed tears, plus everything in between. Then together we’ll create a beautiful story of your day – one with meaning, with fun, with emotion – one you’ll relive with your loved ones for years to come.

My photography style

The raw, honest moments full of real emotion are what it’s all about. Which is why during our private shoot I won’t pose you but give you a bit of direction if you feel you need it. The way I work draws from your connection as a couple and I aim to fill each and every photo with your personalities. During the rest of the day I’ll be quietly observing and capturing each moment as it unfolds.


I have a soft spot for non-traditional, fun and quirky weddings full of creativity and personality. I firmly believe in making your own traditions and following your gut instinct, not other people’s expectations, when planning your wedding. Throw in an epic cliff top view or a thick canopy of leaves and it sounds like the perfect day! Bonus points for sharing your day with your fur babies.




I'd love to join you on your big adventure.