I can’t be the only UK wedding photographer – or better still, wedding supplier – excited about the wedding side of the autumn 2018 budget, right? The potential change (pretty please pass the new law Parliament) would allow couples to tie the knot outdoors or in venues where you’d traditionally (blergh) not even consider. Pubs, greenhouses, or even your back yard in England and Wales (Scotland is way ahead, they can already do all this). Yay for more adventurous wedding photography!

It’s really quite ridiculous that getting married outdoors hasn’t always been allowed everywhere and we’ve all been bound to this archaic rule for so many years. I actually didn’t realise this was the case until I got into wedding photography myself, and I felt really discouraged when I learnt about it. All those awe-inspiring instagram and Pinterest photos I’d been admiring for years had of people getting married in the great outdoors – by a breathtaking cliff edge or on the beach – that I was hoping to take one day in the UK had become an impossibility for me. Being able to do the real thing wherever you want to without having to go sign a piece of paper at town hall is a hell of a lot more special, and a lot more fun. Also, having witnessed a few humanist weddings I can wholeheartedly say they’ve always packed the most emotion and personality. Let there be more of this!

This could be a great change for many couples as well as for the wedding industry in general. Many people will be able to get married in places that actually have significance to them, not to mention the cost is likely to be dramatically reduced. I’d love to see a shift towards weddings that celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors and make the most of the great English landscapes. I’m dying to photograph couples getting married on a Cornish clifftop or between the dramatic peaks of the Lake District. 

Where would you get married if you could get married anywhere in England and Wales?

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