As a UK wedding photographer, engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots are something I absolutely love doing with my couples. I think it’s definitely a great idea to do one especially if you’re camera shy or simply hate having your photo taken. Many of my couples make this issue known to me before they even book, so you’re definitely not alone here. So without further ado, here are the pros and pros (not a typo) of engagement sessions:

1. Build real connection with your photographer.

You get to know your photographer (and they get to know you too). This is the one person you’ll be spending a LOT of time with on your wedding day. Getting to know them in advance allows you to build a real connection with them and I truly believe this massively helps ease the awkwardness of having a stranger following you around with a camera. It’s remarkable how much you can learn about each other in an hour’s photoshoot and this definitely helps with the vibe on the wedding day itself.

2. Learn what you like

It's a fantastic opportunity for both of you to learn what you feel works for you and what emotions you want captured in your photos. And so does the photographer. This can only lead to better, more authentic photos in the end! Plus it will dissipate any worries you may have about having your photo taken once you discover that you do look totally smashing in front of the camera!

3. Wear something awesome

You know that really cool dress you bought but never wore cos you were keeping it for a special occasion that never happened…now's the time to pull it out of the depths of your wardrobe! Or you could wear that outfit you feel completely yourself in (you may want to check with your photographer before whacking out your birthday suit).  

4. Shoot where you want to! 

You get to go shoot in a lovely place you may not have access to on your wedding day. If you’re a massive fan of the Dorset Coast or Cornish beaches but you’re having your wedding celebrations far from these awesome places, this is the perfect occasion to have the great outdoors feature in your photos with your other half. If Parliament pass the new law, hopefully you WILL be able to get married in all these awesome places!

5. Bring your furchildren.

You can bring your pets, which isn’t always feasible on the wedding day. You have the cutest floofster who is not only part of the family but also the centre of your attention pretty much 24/7. This is the perfect opportunity to bring them along and make some memories you’ll cherish forever.

6. Time together

You spend time fooling around with your partner in life. You’ll be walking in your favourite woods, sipping prosecco on the beach, or playing catch with your doggos. And you’ll get awesome photos of all these moments you spent together - without having the time pressure or restrictions you’d have on your wedding day. Time spent together is time well spent!

So if you wanna have a chat with me about your pre-wedding shoot, drop me a line at - I'd love to join you on your next adventure!

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