Engagement Photography in Perranporth, Cornwall with Sarah & Matt

Recently we visited Cornwall on a little errand trip to sort out our own wedding party (whey!) and decided it would be a great idea to pack in a couple of …couple shoots as well. I stand by that, it definitely was a grand idea as the photos we managed to produce in the 2 days we were there are up there with my all time faves.

I was so excited when Sarah reached out to me. Her enthusiasm to be in front of my lens with her significant other, Matt, regardless of the ludicrous weather conditions made it such an incredible experience.

We met at the Seiners Arms for a drink and a chat beforehand, and whilst we were getting to know each other we were encouraging ourselves to step out into the pissing rain and get on with it. As we were quickly losing daylight, we decided we couldn’t wait any longer and just went for it. The wind was so strong it took off the layer of makeup I’d put on my face that morning, but these two didn’t seem to mind it one bit.

I’m so glad we braved through, as the rain stopped midway through our shoot and the clouds made way for a little bit of sunlight, just enough to give the beach an ethereal glossy shine. We even had a sunset by the end! We ended the day on SUCH a high. Whenever I work with like-minded people the job doesn’t feel like a job at all and that’s definitely how it was with these two.

Guys it was so lovely to meet you both, massive congrats on your engagement and hope the wedding planning goes as smoothly as possible xxx

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