Atmospheric Wedding Photography

For Creative, Non-Traditional Couples

Modern, alternative, heartfelt wedding photography for couples who don’t mind getting their shoes a little dirty on their wedding day. For the free spirits.

You have a thing for beautiful aesthetics and simple pleasures. You’re not afraid of straying away from the norm, and you don't really care what others might expect from your wedding day. You’re game for ditching tradition, jumping out of the box and living your life wild, happy and free. You’re young, you’re in love and you’re about to experience the best adventure of your life.

modern wedding photography

London wedding photographer

Hi, I’m Elena and I love my job... from capturing the wonderful personalities that make up your big day, to working my editing magic on the awesome shots we capture. ​Ultimately though, it’s that moment when the final photographs hit your inbox and I get a super happy call, totally emotional email or a text bursting with excitement, that feeds my soul!

So you wanna do things differently...

I have a soft spot for non-traditional, fun and stylish weddings filled with creativity and personality. Weddings, where the only people the couple need to please, are themselves; celebrations that fit their personalities to a tee. Throw in an epic cliff top view, a thick canopy of leaves and it sounds like my kinda party... bonus points if dogs are invited!

Kind Words

from my couples

‘Oh my god we are just so so so in love with them! We couldn’t have imagined having such genuinely wonderful people take all our photos, and for them to look the way they do… we feel so blessed & overwhelmed I keep welling up with happy tears, and I literally can’t stop looking at them.’ Lucy & Jack

Omg Elena, these are absolutely stunning. You’ve had all of us in tears. Cannot thank you and Joe enough for all of these amazing moments you’ve managed to capture so beautifully. Looking back at these it makes me want to do it all over again!!!” Angharad & David

If you’re after true human connection, the perfect and imperfect moments, the genuine laughs, hugs and tears you were there for or might even have missed, we might be a great match. Let’s get together for these beautiful, unstaged moments to create a meaningful story of your day – one you will be excited to relive with friends and family for years to come.

I’m not only a London wedding photographer, so if your wedding is elsewhere I would love to hear from you.